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Be the mountain.

This morning I held my weekly Mindfulness session for carers on Zoom, and we were practicing the Mountain Meditation.

Some people find this visualisation meditation easier to practice than some other meditations.

I'm sure we all have a memory of a mountain in our heads. Maybe a climb done years ago while you were young and fit, or maybe the view from a holiday home many years ago, or the memory of driving through Glencoe on your way to somewhere else.

Aren't we lucky to live in a country of mountains!

I have visited Kansas in the U.S. many times as my sister lives there, and the whole State is almost completely flat. We've driven through the Flint Hills, but to me they looked like bumps on the ground. Mountains create weather and light and I can't imagine living without them.

I'm longing to visit Glencoe again, as will hundreds of other people be, but for now I will content myself with closing my eyes and 'being the mountain'.

If you'd like to follow the meditation you can watch and listen here:

Thanks to all the lovely messages that pinged in throughout the day yesterday I had a lovely Lockdown Birthday. Very different to the year before, but one to remember none the less.


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