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Beauty on the doorstep.

This was the view from my back door last evening, as the sun continued to shine long after I finished working. I've had this particular Japanese Acer for around 25 years now, purchased as an end of show bargain at the very first 'Scotland's Garden Show' at Strathclyde Park. For several years it grew in a container, carefully re-potted every year into something bigger, until the day when I decided that it was ready for a prime spot in my garden. Somewhere I could watch it from my kitchen window throughout the seasons, where it was perfectly framed by the background of mature trees. And then we decided to move, and build our own house. What about my precious tree? I decided I had to risk moving it, and bought an absolutely massive pot for it. It then survived another 3 years in it's pot, being moved from rented accommodation, to the caravan onsite, and finally to my back door, where it sat and waited for me to decide on it's perfect spot again. Once more it has pride of place where I can watch it from my kitchen window, but sadly not completely sheltered from the icy Spring gales that always seem to coincide with the new leaves opening. It often suffers wind damage and the new leaves get wind burn, but as the season progresses it still always ends up looking spectacular in Autumn. A survivor, just like us. Ready to rise above adversity.

As usual, I've been sending myself loads of email links, and this one about recycling glass wine bottles appealed to me. (Not that we have a lot of empty bottles of course!!)


I know at least one of you who will enjoy this! :)

I'm still looking for more of your 'Lockdown Leftovers' recipes for our carers cookery book, so please send them in -

And I'm very excited to have some local artists to illustrate the book. Please let me know if you'd like to be part of this too.

One of our carers has written a brilliant poem, which she is happy to share with you:

Thanks May Thompson from Oban for those great words.

Finally, I'd like to share a link from Young Carers about how Covid 19 is changing how we interact online. A good clear article that's easy to understand:

Now I'm wondering what you see from your back door? Mairi

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