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Busy bees.

What a lovely sight this wee fuzzy bumble's bum was at my back door as he buzzed round the few flowers remaining in my tubs ,after the local deer have dined on the best of them. I had the most beautiful cerise pink anemone growing there for a few days! Still, it's nice to think I'm keeping the deer happy - they have selected all the prettiest flowers, so obviously have discerning taste! I wonder if they'll eat dandelions?

We held our second Zoom coffee morning today, which was a great success. My training sessions with carers have worked, which felt great. Let me know if you'd like me to help you get set up online.

Today's good news story that I'd like to share is from the Isle of Mull, where lots of amazing community stuff is happening.

The lovely people at Isle of Mull Soap Company have been supplying free soap to islanders, and have donated 1000 free bars of soap for islanders to pick up from the local Co-op. They have been sending out free soap to businesses too. Why not check out their website and take advantage of the free delivery to anywhere in the UK? Maybe you could send a gift of soap to family and friends that you won't be able to meet up with this Easter.

Today at the Coffee Morning we chatted about recipes to use up food scraps.

It must have been like this in the war.

I made some delicious croquettes from some pretty disgusting looking old carrots, parsnips, turnip and potatoes. My husband was amazed!

One carer found a tin of peaches that went out of date in 2016, which she enjoyed with custard last night. We have to laugh :)

What's the oldest thing you've found in your cupboards? And did you eat it?

Shared Care Scotland, who run the Short Breaks Fund, have put together some useful information - Short Breaks for Strange Times -

Lots of good stuff there.

Keep looking for those little positives :) Mairi

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