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Close your eyes.....

Where would you like to be? Right now, in this moment?

Looking at this picture, I can feel the sea breeze, smell the sea air, and soak in the last warmth of the day's sunshine as I sip my ice cool G & T. I can also feel the hardness of the deck that I'm sitting on, and the slight chill developing as the sun disappears on the horizon, both of which will shortly send me down below deck to the warmth of the cabin, and relative comfort of it's seating.

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Looking at a photograph I've taken brings back memories of the moment the image was captured. Memories for all the senses, not just visual memories. And so I can be there, in that moment, right now, without too much effort.

Mindfulness teaches us to be in the moment, enabling us to slow down our chattering monkey brains and just 'be'.

By learning a few simple techniques for meditation we can train our brains to slow down.

Today will be my first Zoom Mindfulness session, which will also be a learning experience for me. I'm excited to explore this new method of teaching, which I can see opening up all sorts of new opportunities. But I'm also saddened not to be with my class, giving everyone a big hug before they leave the session, and I don't want this to become the new 'normal'.

For now though I am accepting that this is how it is.

Carers - to join my weekly Mindfulness sessions just drop me an email at and I'll send you the Zoom Login details. Don't be put off by Zoom - I'm happy to talk you through it over the phone beforehand.

And don't forget to send me your Carers Week Competition entries before the end of the week. Full details at the top of our Facebook Page, and on the website Home Page. Prizes to be won!

And just before I go - here's some cute baby owls -

See you tomorrow.


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