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Yesterday afternoon I drove to Ardfern to collect my husband from the end of his sailing holiday. I stayed in the car waiting for him as the rain was torrential, and once again marvelled at how lucky we had been with the weather for the whole of my time on the boat! This is more like the normal scene when we're setting off on holiday, trying our best to get all the bedding on board without it getting soaked. Somehow a black bin bag is never quite big enough to completely cover a duvet.

I really like the way the raindrops on the window have distorted the view though, particularly that wee wiggly chimney! Thought this was a good picture for the weekly jigsaw too.

That might keep you busy for a wee while.

I loved this news story from earlier in the week -

Penguins are such funny birds, but I imagine they might be a bit smelly to keep as pets!

I hope your weekend is peaceful, and some sun comes back for us all.

Stay safe.


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