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About half of the Crinan Canal is currently drained for repairs, and it looks pretty dismal. Lots of photographers snapping at it as it's not something you see every day. I preferred the bit that's still got water in it though!

I think this weather, together with the restrictions we're all still living under is very draining though. I'm back to longing to be able to see my children, and oh how lovely it would be to have a visitor in the house. But hey ho, we have to get on with it, so I'm thinking creatively and coming up with ways to see people. We are allowed to meet in cafes and restaurants! It's also good to support local businesses, so that's a win-win.

Here's a great opportunity to get free tickets to an online Christmas show -

Through a valuable partnership with the Ambassador Theatre Group, we want to share a fantastic opportunity offering older people a FREE ONLINE TICKET to a live streaming of ‘That’ll be the day’.


That’ll Be The Day’s Rock & Roll Christmas show has been running for over thirty years. In these crazy times, whilst the show is unable to tour, we are very excited to offer you the chance to see the brand new Christmas show in the comfort of your own home! It includes the best pop Christmas classics and traditional Christmas songs along with hilarious comedy routines.

If you'd like a ticket for this, please email me ASAP and I'll pass your details on to the organiser -

I'm off to The Scottish Parliament this afternoon for a chat with Jason Leitch, so that will be different!

Stay safe.


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