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Isn't that a great Scottish word!

I prefer it when Monday mornings are like this, as it makes it a lot easier to get back to work.

It was lovely to have the sun back for the weekend though, and I hope you managed to get outside for a bit.

I enjoyed what I think is my first visit to Arduaine garden this year. I would normally pop in several times a week as it's close to home, and a lovely place for a short walk, but of course this year has been different. Glad to see it still looking as lovely as ever, with quite a few visitors, but not too many to make it difficult to walk around.

Just discovered an easy way to create photo collages on my phone, so that's my learning for today! You can expect a few more of those now.

The big excitement for me was going to the hairdresser's on Friday, and what a treat that was. It feels so good to finally have my hair back to it's usual length instead of flopping all over the place, and it was lovely to feel a bit pampered.

My hairdresser has spent a fortune on screens and sanitising equipment, so I do wonder how she'll manage to make any money though. It's not easy.

Listening to the radio while driving on Friday (driving was quite a treat too), I heard an interview with Jon Bon Jovi about the charity work he does in America, running food banks. He does some amazing work. I loved the expression he has coined, which is also the title of his new album - 'When you can't do what you do, you do what you can'.

You can listen to the song here:

I found this useful technique for coping - PAUSE

Plenty to catch up with now on this dreich Monday morning.

Tomorrow morning we're having a Reminiscence session at the Coffee Morning, so why not join us? Bring along a photo or memento from a Summer holiday to share. It will be fun. Email me for the Zoom link.


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