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If you look closely you can just see my house between the trees.

It amazes me that I can still find new paths to explore, not far from home. Yesterday I changed the route of my dog walk due to the number of cars on the single track road. That's something I loved about lockdown - no cars. It was so peaceful and felt so safe.

I wonder if it will take us as long to get used to this new 'new normal' as it did to get used to the last new normal? And will everything change again after we get used to it?

It's very strange to have our lifestyle change due to factors beyond our control, and it's certainly a challenge for us to keep adjusting. I don't know about you, but I'm finding it hard to keep up with the latest rules of what we can and can't do. I do prefer seeing most people wearing masks now when I'm out and about though and it definitely makes me feel a bit safer when shopping. I'm not planning any big days out any time soon yet though.

If you have been shielding (after receiving a letter advising you to do so for health reasons) please read through the information on the Scottish Government's website. Rules will hopefully be relaxing a bit more from the 24th July, so not long. Don't take unnecessary risks after looking after yourself for so long.

You can read the latest advice for those who have been shielding here:

Here's a wee video to make you smile:

And is this what we'll all need soon?

See you soon, if you're at the Coffee Morning.


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