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Fluttering by.

Out walking in the hills yesterday morning, when the whole village seemed to be still asleep, I came across a host of these tiny little emerald butterflies, flitting among the heather. I had no idea we had green butterflies, so had to look them up when I got home - Green Hairstreak's are our only green butterflies. Beautiful.

I've seen a lot of butterflies so far this year. Maybe they're enjoying the peace and quiet?

So week 7 of working from home started today. And still the sun is shining.

This morning I walked across the fields to say farewell to an old lady from the village. There was a piper playing behind the church, and people paid their respects from a distance as the minister read a few words. Then she was driven off on her final journey to Clydebank. Given the circumstances it was a very lovely type of farewell for her.

This story about the Funeral Director who has launched a bereavement support service seems appropriate:

And please remember that we have a 24 hour helpline for carers - 01631 564422

Please call if you feel in need of support or advice relating to your caring role.


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