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Freedom to roam.

In Scotland we're lucky to have the freedom to roam in the countryside.

Despite that, I've often looked up into these hills where the horses are but never walked there until Saturday.

The girls at the stables were heading out to gather some of the horses for a ride, and they invited me to come along with my camera. It was the most glorious day, with a good breeze to keep the midges away, so a long walk up there was just lovely. They keep 20 horses out on the hills, and have to wander about to find them. I was fascinated to see the way they have formed their own little groups of friends. What a happy life these horses have and so much nicer for them than being stuck inside a stable.

On Thursday I listened carefully to the live broadcast of the First Minister's announcement, hoping that we'd all have a bit more freedom to roam. I was really pleased to hear that for some of you who have been living alone you will now be able to have your own little bubble of family and friends to visit. That will make such a difference.

This morning I had my final meeting with the team of designers who have been illustrating our cookbook, so it's just about ready for printing! I'm so excited. This has been such a lovely project for everyone involved - a definite ray of sunshine throughout lockdown, and it will be just great to have copies of the book to sell. Watch this space!

I just had to share this - 'Love Reaches Everywhere'. Wonderful.

Keep smiling.


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