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Good neighbours.

As I write this, I really hope you have all got good neighbours too. To be honest, up until this strange Lockdown started I rarely saw mine, and there were several houses where I just wondered who lived there. Being outside the village, our houses are all well spread apart, and most of my closest neighbours are across the other side of the loch. I have often wondered about getting a rowing boat, but my backwards (facing forwards) rowing style is not too efficient, and I've never been able to master rowing the correct way round!

Yesterday, as I drove around delivering prescriptions, I had lots of long chats with my neighbours, and during one of those chats another neighbour arrived bearing a bag of extremely large langoustine. I was delighted to hear that he had already left some at our house.

As I left to drive home, there was a squeak from my neighbour, and I turned round to see one of her langoustine jumping out of the bag and making a run for it down the driveway. I have to admit to laughing quite a lot as I left her to work out how to catch it. (She did).

This was the scene that met me as I arrived home. What a delicious dinner!

Sorry one of my links didn't work yesterday.

I do wonder if it might be a bit much to cover a whole window with that though. Maybe just a strip along the top?

I have a couple of little crystals that hang at the windows, and do a similar thing, in a less spectacular way.

Next week will be the start of week 8 for me at home. I can hardly believe that! I, like many people, have never spent so much time in one place, and feel so thankful for where I am during this time.

Lets send some loving kindness out this weekend to all the people who are not so fortunate.

If you wish it may feel appropriate to send a bit of love out to each other and everyone going through these tricky times, regardless of our relationship with them through the Loving Kindness meditation -

Repeat the four lines, three times for each person.

First person is yourself

Second person is someone dear to you

Third person is someone neutral

Fourth person is someone you have a small difficulty with

May I / you be filled with loving kindness

May I / you be well

May I / you be peaceful and at ease

May I / you be happy

Thanks Karen for sharing that.

Sending loving kindness to all of you this weekend.


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