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Hands up.....

if you watched the 'Bake Off' last night?

Laughter and cakes seemed like just what was needed last night after the latest Government announcements.

And they made pineapple upside down cakes. Funnily enough our reminiscence group yesterday spent a lot of time talking about puddings and cakes, and many of us had fond memories of pineapple upside down cake. Now if only I could find a calorie free version!!

So plans are all changed again due to the virus. Maybe we could get little portable tents to set up outside our friends houses, and just shout to each other. Or maybe we need to do what the Bake Off team did, and hire a big marquee where we can all socially isolate together for weeks. I now feel so grateful for every minute I get to spend with another person.

Lots of us having been watching squirrels this week and there's a Great Scottish Squirrel Survey taking place all week. You can take part here -

They are the cutest little creatures, and you can't help smiling if you see one. I saw one running through my garden last week, and was thinking about putting up a squirrel feeder, but I decided against it as I was too worried they might run across the busy road to get to it, and get hit by a car.

Fingers crossed they find the peanuts that are out for the birds though.

Did you hear about the rare bird that's been visiting Tiree?

A Yellow Bellied Flycatcher has landed on Tiree, 3000 miles off track, and it landed in the garden of the local RSPB officer. What are the chances of that? A bit of local excitement. I suspect if it had landed in my garden I'd not have noticed it was a bit different!

This morning I'm running my first chair based yoga session on Zoom at 10.30am, so please get in touch if you'd like to join me -

I wonder what wildlife we'll all spot today?


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