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I was very excited to see this wee squirrel in my garden last week, and I'm delighted to say that he's now visiting my bird feeder regularly.

Like the squirrels I am hoarding for the Winter.

Not toilet rolls or bags of flour (that is so ridiculous!) but I'm enjoying freezing brambles and rhubarb from the garden, and dreaming of crumble and custard.

I'm also stocking up on wool for my knitting obsession, so if we are confined to home for weeks I'll still have plenty to do. I'm knitting so many woolly jumpers for myself that we might save money on the heating too :)

The glorious Autumn colours are dripping with rain this morning, but it's still looking lovely.

Again I am reminded how lucky I am to live here, and how much easier it is for me to cope with all the news and disappointments.

But as lockdown rules look to get tighter again try to keep focusing on the positives.

We will get through this, no matter what.

A friend of mine in California posted photos online today of her house which is standing unharmed, completely surrounded by ash and charcoal. Where her neighbours houses were there is nothing. For some of her neighbours it's not the first home they've lost to natural disasters, and yet people remain positive and talk about rebuilding, and my friend (who's in her 70's) talks about replanting the garden that's gone. Devastating fires, and the pandemic.

Stay strong folks, we can get through this.

Tomorrow you can join me for some gentle exercise in the morning, and a relaxing mindfulness session in the afternoon on Zoom. Drop me a line if you'd like the codes to join.

Our Zoom Coffee Morning starts soon, so I hope to see you there.


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