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Maths for knitting.

I decided to start knitting my jumper last night, feeling I should get ahead before our 'Knitting Bee' starts next week.

Groan! The wool seems thinner than the supposed DK (a technical term for other knitters), and having knitted 8 rows on the recommended circular needle, it looks big enough to fit a giant.

So a bit of googling ensued, and I discovered all sorts of complicated mathematical calculations involving knitting pin sizes (which can be Metric, US, or old UK) and tension samples. Numbers are not my strong point, so I have now dug out the big box of Gran's knitting pins, and am attempting my first tension square, to see if it will work out 4" x 4".

The wool's nice though! I will need even more patience than expected.

A disappointing weekend ahead for me, as I had planned a couple of safe distance visits, which are now cancelled due to the car problems. Things could be a lot worse though. I'm not complaining.

Today's good news story (which is actually older news) features a coordinated effort by two of my colleagues. A real heart warmer. Well done girls!

Off to grapple with my knitting again.

Have a safe and peaceful weekend.


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