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Yesterday I watched the bluetits moving in to their wee home in the tree beside our back door.

And as I look out the window while working at my laptop every day I am noticing tiny signs of Spring appearing. Choose a window to look out and see what you can see growing. Nature is so amazing and I do love this time of year. If you can, focus on a branch. Can you see a leaf bud about to burst into life? Keep looking every day, noticing how it unfolds, and how it looks in all lights and all weathers. Yesterday everything (including me) was decorated by glittering raindrops, which hung delicately from every branch creating thousands of tiny chandeliers, if only for a few moments.

Right now I would love to be a bluetit tidying up the nest for my babies to arrive, but for a while I'll have to make do with phone calls and messages from them as they're far away from home, and I know many of you will be feeling the same as me. In times of worry or danger we mothers are programmed to gather our babies under our wings to protect them, and it doesn't matter how 'big' those babies are, we'll still try and look after them, so this is hard for us. Make the most of technology. Use all this extra time you have at home to find out how things work. This is the perfect time to learn online. And when we have the all clear to travel anywhere and anytime we will have the most awesome 'not Christmas' family celebration ever!

Living in the sticks a weekly shop is the norm for me, but as I set off for Oban today I felt slightly afraid. For 8 days I hadn't been near civilisation and I wondered what it would be like to enter a supermarket again. I chose to visit M&S first which was a great decision. As I wandered the well stocked isles there was no worry of getting too close to any of the handful of customers, and the staff were friendly and helpful from the required distance away. Someone was in charge of cleaning the used trolleys outside and then moving them inside for the next customer, there were free bunches of flowers at the checkout, and the assistant gave me a pile of their little seed pots for free when I said I'd try and get them to our young carers. It felt like being in wonderland, and as I picked up shopping for my elderly neighbours I was able to delight them with a meal deal instead of just the chicken they'd asked for. I know I'm one of the lucky ones though.

Almost ready to start my online groups next week - lots of you to phone first though!

Remember to drop me an email if you would like to be added to my list -

And here's a link to a wonderful blog by someone who's much better at writing than me!

I'm going to try and share a blog link every week.

Now to get on with those phone calls. Mairi

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