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'Out of office'.

Where there's a will, there's a way!

My photo friends and I were pretty sad last week when the 'rule of 6' was announced, as we'd been planning our trip to the Highland Wildlife Park for ages, and now we wouldn't be able to go together.

When we heard that Hamish the polar bear cub was moving to a zoo in Yorkshire, we really wanted another chance to see him before he moved, having photographed him there as a tiny cub.

With the appalling weather at the weekend we wondered if we were being a bit mad to even think about driving up to the Highlands for the day, but you only live once! So we went in separate cars yesterday, and I'm so glad we did.

As you can see, wee Hamish is not so wee now, and he put on a brilliant show for us in the afternoon, after sleeping most of the morning. The park was very busy, and I did wonder if we'd done the right thing going, but the afternoon made it all worthwhile.

We also saw the beautiful snow leopards and their cubs, and a gorgeous red panda, plus lots of other animals. The park, like all zoos, is really struggling to survive through Covid, so it was good to see it so busy, even if it did seem a bit alarming to us at first.

Did you manage to complete Friday's jigsaw? It took me ages! If you did you'll recognise Hamish and his Mum.

I used to be meticulous about putting an 'out of office' message on my work emails whenever I was away from my desk, and I realised yesterday that I hadn't bothered to add one. I think it's a good thing that while I'm working from home I don't really distinguish being in or out of the office so much. It's good to feel that I can work flexible hours around other things sometimes. Yes, I can receive emails at any time, but I am able to deal with anything as and when required, and I am enjoying this flexibility.

Watch out for more cute animals tomorrow.


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