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Pink Champagne.

In the making!

I've been making my own Elderflower Champagne for a number of years now. It's super easy to make, costs very little, and tastes delicious. (It's non-alcoholic, but bubbles like champagne.)

I planted a dark leaved elder a couple of years ago in the hope that I'd be able to collect the pink flowers to make pink champagne, but the plant's been slow to get established, and I only had 2 small heads of flowers on it this year.

So I was really excited to find a large flowering bush with easy access to the flowers this year. Yumm.

And the kitchen smells lovely while the flowers soak overnight.

You can find the recipe I use here:

I haven't tried the wine or cordial yet - maybe next year.

If you're joining us for a Zoom Group please be aware that many of us have been having issues getting into Zoom meetings over the past week. Hopefully something that will be resolved soon. So if you can't get in, or see a message 'The host is in another meeting', then please try logging out and in again. Hopefully we'll still manage to get together.

Well Monday went in a flash, and I think it's going to be another fast week! I still find it strange that the days fly by when I'm at home all the time!

Looking forward to catching up at our Coffee Morning today, and I'm knitting away in the evenings so I'll have something to show at the Knitting Bee tomorrow.

See you soon.


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