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…… it's more about quality than quantity.

My Fitbit doesn't know that though!

Yesterday we explored a new (to us) walk, after seeing pictures of it online. Not too far from home, and lots to see, with fabulous views from the top. We took a bit of a detour on the way up after missing the track, so had some extra scrambling up and down the hills. We got home feeling like we'd had some really good exercise, so my step count on the Fitbit was quite a disappointment when I checked it. My legs know the truth though.

The Oban Times offered to run an article on our Cookbook, so I've had my moment of fame! I had to pose for this silly photo and I'm actually stirring a pan of boiling water. A friend thought it looked like I was scared of the cooker :)

Remember if you would like a copy of the cookbook please email: leaving your name and phone number,

and Zivile will call you to take a card payment. Only £7.50 each, including Postage & Packing, and they're selling out fast!

One of our carers sent me this lovely poem she'd written at the weekend.

Many of us suffer from insomnia at times, and it really takes it toll.

Last year I did some training and ran a course for carers called 'Vital Life, Better Sleep', using yoga and breathing exercises to help us sleep.

Watch out for news of a date for this, which I will run on Zoom later this year after I've adapted it for running online.


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