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The sun will shine again.

Well, if ever there was a good news story worth sharing it's Captain Tom's! How wonderful.

And what a way to restore our faith in humanity.

Thank you Captain Tom.

And here's Captain Tom's quote about the coronavirus: Of the coronavirus pandemic, he added: "We will get through it in the end but it might take time, but at the end of the day we shall all be okay again... the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away."

Apologies if this is a story you've been seeing everywhere, but it's just too amazing not to share!

Today the sun is shining again, and for the first day this year I can actually feel some warmth in it. I always think that May and June are the absolute best months of the year here in Argyll. No rain, and no midges!! It's so lovely to watch the landscape colours change from browns and greys to greens. And what a green place this becomes. As a landscape photographer I often turn to mono in the Summer, as the green can just seem too overpowering in a way! Somehow choosing to shoot in black and white can highlight the light and textures of the landscape better. I often set my camera to shoot in black and white for a whole week, which is a challenge I enjoy.

There's a useful film tutorial here if you'd like to give it a try:

I seem to be talking about photography quite a lot on here, and I wondered if anyone would like to join me for an online photography course? I could set weekly challenges after running tutorials with you, and we could share our results in an online gallery. Anyone like to join me? Send me an email, or comment here if you're interested.

I hope you can feel the sun on your face today.


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