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The sunshine flower.

I love marigolds.

The first marigolds I bought were grown by the monks at Samye Ling Buddhist Centre, so they were already special to me.

Since then I have always had some growing in a pot somewhere in the garden, as they look so cheerful in all weathers. They self-seed, and plants often survive the Winter to start flowering again in the Spring, without any particular care or attention.

I must have hundreds planted in my garden this year. They surround my vegetable plants to deter the greenfly, and I have a new darker shaded version growing for cutting.

Travelling in Nepal there are marigolds everywhere too. Garlands of flowers adorning religious shrines, petals scattered on the ground in sacred places, and beautiful arrangements in a brass bowl in the Hotel garden every morning.

Marigolds growing high in the Langtang mountains. Can you see the metal suspension bridge and the path we followed?

So the marigold is a flower full of evocative memories for me.

Is there a particular flower that brings back memories for you?

Here's a bit of fun from yesterday -

I'm toying with the idea of running a screening on Zoom of my film from last year's Nepal trip. Would you be interested in watching it? It's about an hour long, and I would comment throughout the show, and have a Q&A session afterwards. My film tour was curtailed by Covid 19! Let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow.


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