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The UFO cloud.

Yesterday was a good day. Another day of sunshine and blue skies, and lots more walking for me. This is the view from the top of our local hill, which we used to struggle to get up. While I wouldn't exactly say we're like mountain goats yet, we can manage up there in pretty good time, even the almost vertical last bit of the climb. It's really good to feel the dry earth as we scramble up that last bit, and not have wet bums when we get to the top for a rest! Strange to look towards the Paps of Jura with no tiny white sails anywhere on the sea though. Far too cold a wind for me to be sailing right now anyway!

Managed to clock up 52 miles walking this week, imagine what I'd do if I wasn't working!

Someone said today that at least those of us still working know what day of the week it is. That's true for me, but I'm struggling to know what date it is, and what I've already posted on my blog. When I find something interesting online I send it to myself in an email so that I can share it on here. I've never received so many emails from myself - it's quite funny.

I don't know how I managed to miss this film by the team at Healthy Options. It's brilliant! Miss working with you guys.

I'm receiving some great recipes for our 'Lockdown Leftovers' cookbook. Don't forget to send yours in to me -

Reports to write now, so the walking will have to wait!

Stay safe, and enjoy feeling the sun on your face if you can. Mairi

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