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The year of disappointments?

At the start of this year I had so many things I was looking forward to.

My diary was filling up fast with trips to the islands for carers groups, and there was the probability of more respite trips with groups, not to mention all the things we had planned as a family.

And then along came Covid-19, and lockdown, and life as we knew it changed completely.

But already when I look back on the year so far I'm not filled with disappointment, but with memories of long sunny days and long walks.

My senses feel heightened and as I look out the window the Autumn colours look brighter than I've ever seen them, and even enhanced by the heavy rain.

Yesterday Tufty the squirrel was joined by his partner at the bird feeder, and I was practically jumping for joy to see two squirrels! There's also a woodpecker popping in daily which is amazing.

Maybe being deprived of things can make us appreciate what we've got more. I do know how lucky I am.

Faced with the likelihood that our children won't be home for Christmas is tough though. I'm trying to be brave!

Today's another 'Wellness Wednesday' so you are invited to join me on Zoom for gentle exercise at 10.30am, and Mindfulness at 3.30pm.


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