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Time to change the curtains?

When I was younger my friend's Mum had Summer and Winter curtains, something my Mum never had, and I loved the way changing the curtains just transformed the look and feel of a room. So when we moved to our current house I spent many hours searching e-bay for suitable curtains for our living room. Rich red ones for the Winter, and bright cream & duck egg patterned ones for the Summer.

I love when the clocks change to British Summer Time! Already the nights are 'fair drawin out', as my Grannie would have said. What a difference that makes. I hate to think how we would all have felt had this been January!

Yesterday I cut some pussy willow for a vase, and what a cheery sight that is.

This morning we tried our first virtual coffee morning. Definitely still a work in progress - don't worry, we can learn together. Any carers who'd like a one-to-one session online to get things up and running please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Meanwhile here's an online Zoom tutorial to have a look at:

I've moved my laptop downstairs today for a change of scene, and I can see different signs of Spring from the windows. Mooring buoys bobbing expectantly, numbers painted on their red fluorescence. Greylag geese drifting by the lone little red fishing boat that appeared yesterday. A lovely sight on the loch. But I'm fearful that the fisherman is unable to cast his pots for langoustine right now, with no way of driving his catch to market. I'd buy some!

Stillness in the boatyards around Argyll as launching is put on hold. Last year I was delighted to finally have a holiday that wasn't afloat, but now? What would I give for a weekend anchored in David Balfour's Bay off the tip of Mull?

My husband would be surprised. Mairi

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