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A few weeks ago I started a photo project with my family with the theme 'The New Normal'. I had hoped that we would each respond to the others images, replying with another image. Obviously I'm keener on taking photos than the rest of the family as I've only received one image from each of them so far!

Yesterday this image caught my eye on my walk, and I felt it spoke to me about our new normal. Feeling fenced in? Or safe within our own defences?

It's amazing what writing this blog has done to me!

I love receiving your feedback about my daily ramblings, and it's great to know that reading this is helping so many of you get through this strange time. Definitely one of the really good things to have come out of Lockdown for me.

Had I been leading my normal working life I would never have had time to write a blog, as I bombed about the country running groups and training sessions.

It's taken a bit of adjustment, but I'm definitely accepting this more as the 'new normal', and I've stopped feeling resentful about having to spend so much time sitting in front of my work laptop, which is good.

It's great to see you joining me for my various Zoom sessions now, and to watch your online confidence grow, and I'm now looking forward to starting up more online activities over the next few months.

A delivery van has just arrived with my latest online purchase - some lovely wool to knit a jumper. Haven't knitted anything for a couple of years, so hopefully it won't take me too long to get used to it again. It's something for the Winter, so I've got a bit of time!

Would anyone like to join a 'Knitting Club'? We could run it a bit like a Book Club, sharing what we're knitting, and maybe it would inspire and encourage us all to keep going and achieve more with our knitting. Happy to hear your thoughts. Maybe meet up once a fortnight on Zoom for a quick chat and share? Just 30 minutes max each time?

Just before Lockdown I had decided to run a 'Knitting Club' at the Centre and was really looking forward to that, so maybe we can still do something, just in a different way?

Have you seen this lovely good news story from Oban?

That's all till tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me.


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