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My garden is loving all this rain, although I think I might have overfed my nasturtiums! I have never seen a plant with leaves the size of tea plates before, and not a flower in sight.

Add to that my courgette plants with lots of male flowers, which don't produce courgettes, and the garden's not behaving. It's still a lovely green space though.

The garden has definitely been a sanctuary for us this year, and having a project to focus on us helped us both stay sane during lockdown. It has been a great thing for my husband and I to work on together, and I'm loving that he's got more interest in plants now.

Even if we don't pick a single flower, or harvest a single courgette this year we will have had a huge amount of pleasure from the garden.

And now I have some fantastic raised beds which I am already excited about planting next year.

It will be especially nice to spend time over the winter looking at seed catalogues and being able to choose exactly what we want to grow next year.

This year has been a hotch potch of any seeds I could manage to find, with a few plants donated from friends and neighbours, so it can only get better.

If you're growing courgettes, here's some useful information:

And here's a useful idea for feeding the garden:

Completely unrelated to gardening, but I think this is a great initiative for the West Coast -

I'm having a wee holiday tomorrow - and a trip to the hairdresser. Be still my beating heart! I am soooo excited :)

Back here on Monday.

Have a good weekend.


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