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Up early!

And the sky was like this for a few minutes. It's going to be a long day though!

You'd think after 8 hours working followed by a 2 hour, 6 mile walk, I'd be able to sleep.

Are you sleeping well just now? Apparently some people are having very vivid dreams, but that hasn't happened to me yet!

I've got another busy day ahead of me, typing up recipes for our Carers Cookery Book.

We're running a competition to choose a title for the book, and there's still time to send me your suggestions. The winning title will earn a free copy of the book. Please let me have your suggestions by the end of this week (Friday 15th). The book will be full of recipes submitted by carers and friends of North Argyll Carers Centre, with everything from leftovers recipes, store cupboard creations, sweets & treats, and something for every course on your menu.

Following on from a yoga workshop I did last weekend, I think this talk by Max Strom should be interesting. The topic is 'Confinement and Community'; the lessons and benefits we can take from our international confinement due to COVID-19 and gain a new understanding of what has value and what does not in how we interact and communicate with one another.

Did you know that North Argyll Carers Centre has funding available to help support our carers in creative ways when more traditional types of respite are not available? Maybe you could use a tablet, or a new smartphone to keep in touch with loved ones? Or maybe a magazine subscription, or subscription to Netflix would cheer you up? Or maybe you'd love something for your garden? New garden chairs? Don't be shy - please get in touch with Judith on 01631 564422 to ask for something that could help you feel a bit happier just now. That's what the money's there for!

And any carers who require PPE can speak to Linda on 01631 564543 to check if they're eligible for a free allocation, delivered to your home.

Once again, thank you for all your lovely comments about the blog. It's great to hear from you.


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