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I love wildflowers, and don't like to call anything weeds. I've kept a large patch of Rosebay willowherb growing in my garden and I love the majestic spires of magenta flowers which really glow in the sunlight. After the flowers the downy seeds fill the air as they fly about like thousands of tiny fairies. Luckily I don't have any neighbours with carefully manicured gardens, or I wouldn't be popular!

Today I'm preparing to go on holiday, which is very exciting. Where will we go? You'll have to wait till I come back to find out - it's a magical mystery tour! I'm glad I don't have a carefully manicured garden though, as I probably wouldn't be able to leave it. The wildflowers/weeds will thrive on neglect.

Please note that there will be no Zoom Groups next week while I'm away, and no blog posts. I'm going to be escaping technology for a while. I hope you can take the opportunity to have a wee break from technology too. It's brilliant being able to keep in touch online, but I do think it's good for our heads to have a break from it sometimes. Hopefully the weather will be fine and we can all enjoy some outside time.

This made me laugh yesterday -

Stay safe, and I look forward to catching up with everybody after my holiday.


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