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That's another week gone! I think I speak for all the team at North Argyll Carers Centre when I say that the days are flying by while we work from home. It's certainly more exhausting than our normal working week. Maybe it's the emotional pressure we're all feeling? It's difficult for all of us as we continually adapt to this way of working which is certainly a challenge when you're a people person.

It saddens me to know that the main place I use to run my learning sessions is going to be closed until at least the end of June. I'm going to have to come up with even more ideas for online connections!

So we've all got another 3 weeks of lockdown to deal with. I hope this dry weather continues as it certainly makes a difference to how we feel. A friend who keeps a daily photo journal is recording '5 nice things I saw today'. Why don't you try that? (Even if it's 5 photos of chocolate bars)

Something I'm particularly looking forward to today is our first order from the 'Degnish Fish Club'. An enterprising neighbour has managed to arrange a weekly delivery of fresh fish & seafood for us all, so tonight's fish & chips will be extra tasty. Our named cool boxes are lined up in his driveway on a Thursday evening to await delivery on a Friday morning. Brilliant!

Lets hope for clear skies.

Please remember that if you are in a caring role and feel in need of support you can contact us on 01631 564422 any time you need us.

Don't forget our Mindful walk at 1.00pm today. We can walk together in our hearts.

Keep sending me your recipes for cooking during a lockdown - especially ways to turn leftovers into tasty dishes. You can email them to me:

Stay safe and well. Mairi

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